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Virtual iPhone 5.0 FINAL

2009-06-17 20:48:53 by wyndwarrior

This is going to be the final Version.
I'm still working on fixing all the bugs in it and am going to add some more features.
This may take a few weeks, not the usual "an update every other day."

If anyone still wishes to submit their games, you can do it by sending it to
I'm taking games, apps, music, and even short videos.

The last version (4.2) is what I call a complete fail, =( so this time I'm gonna put some extra effort into it before releasing. As I said earlier, this may take a few weeks as I'm gonna get some script for a "real calendar" and some interactive Text messaging things.

Virtual iPhone 5.0 FINAL

Virtual iPhone version 4.2

2009-06-15 16:52:12 by wyndwarrior

Virtual iPhone demo version 4.2 is comming soon.

Updated features:

Interactive Lockscreen with real time.
Updated app store
Updated iTunes
New and improved grafix
New safari sites