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Virtual iPhone version 4.2

2009-06-15 16:52:12 by wyndwarrior

Virtual iPhone demo version 4.2 is comming soon.

Updated features:

Interactive Lockscreen with real time.
Updated app store
Updated iTunes
New and improved grafix
New safari sites


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2009-06-15 16:53:12

Okay then. Yes.


2009-06-15 17:12:41

Is the lock screen because of my suggestion?

(Updated ) wyndwarrior responds:

Yes, and Yes below too


2009-06-15 17:13:16

And is the graphics because of my suggestion?


2009-06-16 23:46:30

Look, let me tell you about something. "Versions" are for when you're releasing software or some shit where you don't know what problems you'll encounter but it's all finished and in working order anyways. Versions are not for releasing your flash gadget ten times. Make a finished product and submit it instead of uselessly taking up space, eh?

(Updated ) wyndwarrior responds:

lol, thanks for the tip

I'm gonna make a version 5.0 and thats going to be the final thing, no more updates.